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Chapter 2 Deidre's car was immaculately clean so I was a little surprised to hear her say, "Sorry about the mess, I wasn't expecting company," as we walked into a small house in one of the seedier neighborhoods of our suburb. Stepping out of it, I slowly twirled in all white: bra, corset, panties, thigh highs and heels. " she said with a big grin on her face." "Yeah," I said apprehensively. You looked so serious." I held my breath for a second longer, then realized that she was indeed playing with me. I turned around and she got her first look at my cock proving it could work still. "Your wife is one lucky woman." "Speaking of my wife, should we go see her? And then we will go fix your marriage." Chapter 3 I was quiet on the way to the café, a little nervous. Anything that put off my confrontation seemed like a blessing at this point.

Let's go." I climbed into the passenger seat of the Lexus and put myself in Deidre's hands. Let me see you." Trying not to blush too much, I reached up and pulled the spaghetti straps off my shoulders and let the dress slip down off my body. "You know where I said I wasn't going to force you to have sex with me? After a couple of turns, she finally pulled it out.

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My cock rose a little in relief from the gaff, but remained flaccid. She got to the door, closed it and locked it, and then turned to face me. "Interesting." "So, you and Julie haven't talked about any of this at all. You look ridiculously good in it." I smiled at the compliment. "I know Julie and Lisa like this look, but what do you think? My dick appreciated the effort and quickly rose to the occasion.

Now it was Deidre's turn to have her jaw drop open. "You are heavenly." Not waiting for her to demand more, I reached down and untucked myself from the gaffe, and pulled the panties down to my knees, where they dropped the rest of the way down. I could eat you up." Deidre jumped up from the bed and I backed away by the sudden movement, but she headed for the bedroom door, not to me. " "Well a couple of times she asked me if I was okay with it, but I want to make her happy so I would always tell her yes." "Okay, forget Julie, forget the Amazon, forget them all and let's talk about you. " "I miss my friends and I miss playing softball and playing in the band, so yeah." "Those are not things about being a guy, those are just things you did as a guy. "That looks too good on you, you need to leave it on. " I cocked an arm up to my ear, stuck out my breasts and spread my legs to show off everything. Rather than yanking it out, she slowly rotated it in a corkscrew method.

My heels are locked on my feet and I don't have the key." "Oooooh, kinky. Amidst a few sobs, I got out the story of Mick and the fact that Julie was pressuring me to sleep with him and was at home now probably boinking the crap out of him since I was here with Deidre. "I'm sorry, Tina can't come to the phone right now. I can pay." "No harm will come to her if you follow the instructions exactly," and then Deidre hung up. She never did it before and now she likes to grind on my tongue even more than she likes intercourse it seems. It's not like I don't enjoy it too." She asked about my breasts and I told her they were injected with saline and temporary.

I cried into her shoulder for a good few minutes before I finally got control and could speak. "I thought you said you were making it better, you just made it 1000 times worse." "No I didn't," she replied. "Tell me what a nasty little cute young vixen Julie is becoming." "Well a couple of times this past week she has climbed onto my face while I was asleep and made me, you know, lick her before she gets dressed for work. "They look terrific." Her next question floored me.

I made it to my car gasping for breath and my heart racing in overdrive, only to not be able to get my keys into the ignition before her car pulled up behind me effectively blocking me in. Her light chocolate skin rippled lean with muscles and despite that, her tank top revealed a generous amount of cleavage.

" "No, it's not that," I said, turning further red. Give me your phone." I did and she scrolled through my favorites and hit Julie. She stopped talking for at least ten seconds then she blurted out, "What did you say? "Yes, yes, please don't hurt her," spilled out of the phone. I will do anything you need me to do, just please, please, don't hurt her." "First off, ditch the Mick.

I had to go home to save my marriage if that was at all possible. Don't you worry, Mama Dee is going to make it all better. I wanted it to be special for you." Deidre looked at me and mouthed, "Tina? She is in the middle of being kidnapped." My mouth dropped open. I think it took a few seconds for it to register with Julie as well. I heard Julie gasp as it finally clicked what she was hearing. She even had me kneel in the shower and lick her while she washed her hair one time." "Why did you do it?

I pulled it down while looking in the mirror so both of us could see without me having to face Deidre. My milky white breasts, emphasized by my new tan, jiggled and jumped as they came out of the bra, swaying this way and that as I pulled the bra off my arms. " I thought about that for a second and couldn't think of anything I missed other than my beard, and the pleasures I got from being a woman far outweighed that. I could live without it for sure." "Being a woman has some sacrifices, that's for sure," Deidre said. She reached down, caressed my ass, and grabbed the plug.

" Rather than reply, I turned my back to her, looked into the mirror, reached back and undid the bra, and slowly pulled it off to expose myself. This corset leaves something to be desired, though. I got off the bed and walked over to her and bent over right in front of her.

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